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Grading with Technology: Assessment App

Today I stumbled upon an interesting blog that talked about an assessment app for an iphone/ipod You should definitely check out the short video clip to see how this app actually works, and what it can do. Although not specifically intended for Phys Ed, this app could be used for every subject area and grade. Basically, teachers can create their own rubrics and record individual student progress on a variety of topics/concepts. The rubrics contain as many concepts as you want and follow a number scale (1-5 or 1-10) template. Below each rubric, there is space for additional notes and anecdotal observations ( see video for detailed explanation)

At first, I thought an assessment tool like this would be complicated to use and possibly unrealistic. I felt that relying on you iphone/ipod to mark students was somehow unprofessional. Although I am not completely sold on this kind of assessment, I do see several positive benefits. Teachers using this assessment app are able to record and upload pictures under each student assessment. In Phys Ed, students could demonstrate a skill, routine or game and the teacher could record and save that demonstration for future reference. These videos/pictures could be used to assess later, show parents and have students reflect on their progress from the beginning of the year. I think this aspect of the app is really neat and could benefit both students and teachers.

Although this is a unique style of assessment, I think it presents both positive and negative aspects. Personally, I can’t see myself using an app for assessment because I like to write things down to have tangible evidence of student learning. I thought this was a really interesting spin on assessment, and would love to hear your thoughts. Do you think that an app is a sufficient and beneficial tool for assessment?

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About porterjen

I am a pre-service teacher studying at the University of Regina. I have created this blog to follow the weekly events of my physical education class. I look forward to updating my first professional blog!


4 thoughts on “Grading with Technology: Assessment App

  1. Thanks for your comments and thoughts re my assessment app. In a world were digital devices lead the way, teachers need to move to assessment that is captured via digital means.I really struggle with the notion that paper based assessments are in any way superior, this cannot possibly be the case when a digital assessment has the power to capture the learning in a real way through videos, pictures, sounds etc.

    As a PE teacher myself this app was built to allow students and teachers to document the development of skills and then complete the subsequent assessments, this means that the teacher can review and action/skill etc over and over again until they are happy with the assessment that has been given.

    Good luck with your study and welcome to the Phys Ed blogging world. If you are not on twitter then I highly recommend it as a way of extending your network and reaching others using the #pegeeks hashtag

    Posted by mrrobbo | February 15, 2012, 12:16 am
    • Thanks for your comment! I think as a pre- service teacher it is important to explore all methods of assessment. I look forward to implementing many strategies in my classroom and I will keep this app in mind. As part of my university class I have been using twitter and a blog to connect with other teachers. I think that social media is a wonderful way to connect and keep updated.

      Posted by Jenny | February 16, 2012, 2:35 am
  2. I think that this assessment needs to be used in the right way for it to be effective. Like you said, you can record skills and upload them straight to the rubric. This could be very handy for parent teacher interviews and having proof of marking. I think with the new rising of ipads instead if textbooks and all the technology that is being pushed in the classroom, this app could become very helpful for the modern day teacher. I think as long as it is used to help be effective and not just to be lazy then it would work fairly well. Thanks for sharing your finding!

    Posted by tysonorr | February 15, 2012, 12:56 am
  3. I feel that this is a great way of assessing students because it gives us a chance to work with technology that is growing in our world today. The only downfall to this is that technology down shut down, and is not always a reliable source. I love this idea though and think it would be a quick and easy way of assessment.

    Posted by clissel | February 15, 2012, 7:08 pm

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