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EPE #310

Cultural Awareness in Physical Education

Last week, Brian shared a link on twitter to the Sasksport website about it’s Child in Sport resource manual. While looking through the manual categories, the “Cultural Awareness” section caught my eye  Right then, I realized I had very little knowledge on how to successfully include multicultural content in my Phys Ed class.

The document itself is interesting because it includes the challenges, the responsibilities and the opportunities for educators to support cultural awareness in PhysEd. Though these offer good advice, I really appreciated the actual game ideas located under “Games of the World”. There are 10 games from around the world (Argentina, Italy, Cuba, Israel etc) that have a brief explanation on the rules and goals of each game. If I was to use these games with my students, I would play them 2 or 3 times each. First, I would play the game in it’s original state and give the history and location of where the game was from. Then, I would make adaptations or changes to the game to ensure it worked with all of my students. I think that these games would be lots of fun, but some could be adapted or expanded.

Another relevant section of the document is titled ” First Nations/ Aboriginal People”. Again, I liked this section because it offered real game ideas. I think that the Frog Race could be a fun game to play with students. Although it is originally an individual race, I think that students could work together in pairs. Both students would squat, hands holding their ankles (one student in front, and one student behind in a vertical line) but the only way for them to move forward is for the 2nd partner to hop in front of the first, and then the 1st student hop in front of the 2nd and so forth until they reach the finish line. In this adaptation, students would work together while enjoying friendly competition. Depending on the game, slight adaptations might increase the success and link to curricular outcomes.

If you have a chance to check out this document, I would definitely recommend you do. I believe that incorporating these diverse games in your PhysEd classroom will really benefit all students. It is great to learn about different cultures and this offers a simple way of promoting an inclusive and welcoming environment.



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I am a pre-service teacher studying at the University of Regina. I have created this blog to follow the weekly events of my physical education class. I look forward to updating my first professional blog!


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