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Blogs, blogs and more blogs

Over the past semester, we have learned a lot about formatting, creating and writing blog posts. We have had the opportunity to share our ideas on physical education by using media clips, pictures and articles. These blogs were a great way to stay connected with one another and provided an opportunity to share our ideas and opinions on multiple topics. While I have developed my own blog, I have also discovered many informative and useful blogs online. I thought that I would share a few blogs I found and perhaps they will benefit you somehow! Feel free to share any blogs that you have found over the semester too, I would love that!


The first blog I stumbled across was:

This blog has lots of technology related information. I tweeted out a cool link from his blog called kerpoof  This website has movie, cards, pictures and story making programs for students. I though this could be a great story starter for students who find writing difficult or have trouble generating ideas. On his blog, Losik posts videos, apps and games that have been popular with his own students! I will definitely keep coming back to this blog in the future.

The next blog can be found at:

I like this blog because it gave me a good understanding of how to arrange and organize your student’s work and your own blog posts. I also had a chance to read some of the student blogs on there and they were really interesting! Students were sharing poems, information on novel studies and some personal background information about themselves. I think this is a neat blog to follow for ideas.

Another great blog is:

There are countless ideas and pictures on how to set up your classroom on this blog. I enjoyed this site because everything is organized and easy to follow. Although it doesn’t include resources, if you want some classroom ideas I would recommend you browse this blog!

Although I could write about every blog, I’ll save you some reading time and just share the links to a couple other blogs I really like! Thanks for reading



About porterjen

I am a pre-service teacher studying at the University of Regina. I have created this blog to follow the weekly events of my physical education class. I look forward to updating my first professional blog!


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