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Chapter 2

Earlier this semester I titled my first blog “Chapter 1”. This felt fitting because it was the start of my first physical education class, the start of a professional blog and the start of a very valuable learning experience. Although the semester has come and gone in what seems like a blink of an eye, I am excited to continue the chapters of my education journey.

Tonight we will share our summaries of learning in class, which is a nice end to our semester. With each presentation we will hear the many adventures and memories of teaching phys ed. For some, this might be a very positive experience and for others perhaps a big learning curve. No matter what the experience, I am confident that we have all learned a lot about ourselves.

Over the three weeks of my pre-internship, I realized that phys ed is a difficult, yet rewarding subject to teach. There are endless opportunities to allow students to grow and develop in physical and relationship skills. I have appreciated all the games/activities that we were shown over the semester. I feel that these examples are truly valuable for teaching phys ed.

I have also learned that the games you choose in phys ed should allow ALL students to participate with a meaningful task. Games that focus upon individual task often discourage students from participating because they are intimidating. I think that this learning will be most beneficial for me in the future. Phys ed should be an opportunity for students to feel comfortable while having fun and working as a team.  It is so crucial that educators understand this while choosing their games and activities.

So, as I leave this chapter behind, I will take with me the many lessons and experiences I have gained. I have enjoyed the opportunity to become a better phys ed teacher, and I am excited to begin Chapter 2: Internship



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